The committee is sponsoring a proposed constitutional amendment that would appear on the November 2024 general election ballot

ARIZONA – Today, a coalition of Arizona organizations announced the filing of the “Arizona Abortion Access Act,” a proposed constitutional amendment that will enshrine the fundamental right to abortion in the Arizona Constitution for generations to come. 

The coalition – which includes the ACLU of Arizona, Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona, NARAL Arizona, Affirm Sexual and Reproductive Health, Arizona List, and Healthcare Rising Arizona – will support a new political action committee, Arizona for Abortion Access, to sponsor the Act. This much-needed action comes more than one year after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade and eliminated the federal right to abortion. Following the fall of Roe, Arizona’s former Attorney General fought to enforce the State’s near-total abortion ban dating back to 1864, which left Arizona patients and providers in legal limbo for months – unclear of the state’s abortion laws. 

Though Arizonans overwhelmingly support the legal right to abortion, state law currently restricts abortion to 15 weeks. But a ban on abortion after 15 weeks is a significant barrier between patients and essential care, and deprives pregnant people of their liberty and autonomy to make choices about their own healthcare.

“This initiative will bring together a vast coalition of Arizonans from across the state who will stand up and declare that we should be able to make our own health care decisions without interference from politicians,” said Arizona for Abortion Access Chair Dr. Candace Lew. “Since the fall of Roe, we have seen our communities come together as a multigenerational and multiracial movement for reproductive freedom to fight for Arizonans’ fundamental rights, and this ballot initiative will continue to build on this momentum. Thousands of Arizonans will power this grassroots effort to not only pose this question to voters, but ensure it passes next November.”

Arizona for Abortion Access is supported by a group of organizations working to ensure Arizonans can make the deeply personal decision to have an abortion. Every person should be able to make their own decisions with their doctors and those they love and trust without government interference. These trusted institutions have worked extensively together to protect and expand abortion access in Arizona over the years and are joining forces to pursue an amendment that solidifies the right to abortion in Arizona.

This initiative is a crucial first step in securing a future with better reproductive health care for all Arizonans.

Below are statements from leaders of the organizations supporting Arizona for Abortion Access:

“Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona is proud to be a part of this coalition taking the fight for the right to abortion to the ballot,” said Chris Love, Senior Advisor for Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona. “Every Arizonan should have the freedom to make decisions about their bodies, their lives, and their futures. We know the work for achieving reproductive freedom is an uphill battle, and this ballot initiative is the next critical step in our renewed drive to protect the health and freedom of our patients and our communities.”

“NARAL and our 75,000 Arizona members are proud to stand with these partners, continuing the essential work of protecting access to abortion care in Arizona,” said Jodi Liggett, Senior Advisor for NARAL Arizona. “Successful passage of this initiative will serve as a foundation upon which to build further efforts assuring true reproductive freedom for Arizonans, today and tomorrow.”

“Healthcare Rising Arizona was formed to make sure that everyone in our state could get the healthcare they need, and afford it, too,” said Trinidad Rivera, Healthcare Rising Arizona member. “When the Supreme Court took away our right to abortion last summer, that was another example of healthcare being taken away from us. Now we have a chance to do something about it – a chance to take back our rights. That’s why we’re working with Arizona for Abortion Access.”


Arizona for Abortion Access is organized and supported by a growing coalition of Arizona advocates from throughout the state. The campaign is led by the ACLU of Arizona, Affirm Sexual and Reproductive Health, Arizona List, Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona, NARAL Arizona, and Healthcare Rising Arizona. 

Paid for by Arizona for Abortion Access, with 25% from out-of-state contributors. Not authorized by any candidate.

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